Monday, 15 June 2009

wet and wild (pt 2)

It's hard to believe that England is a country blessed with abundant rainfall. Over the last hour there hads been very heavy rain and already roads are flooding and the pressure of the water in the drains is either forcing the manhole covers off or creating lovely little fountains through any available gap.

Oh yeah and this library van leaks lol

wet and wild (pt 1)

Yay! I did it (well actually we did it as it was very much a team effort).I'm sure the sight of 6 grown men\overgrown boys trying to master the complexities of a rowing boat entertained a few people. That said we did the actual rowing in 2 hours 40 minutes and the half time drinks in 40 minutes.
It was great fun and when one of the others gets round to posting some pictures I'll be sure to pass them on.
Plans are already afoot for next year when we might try the 22 mile course and will try to enter a couple of boats. Bro and I (and probably the others) would like to make this an annual event!

Saturday, 13 June 2009

row row row your boat

The time is nigh, gulp.
in 24 hours I'll be on lake Windermere in the process of rowing 10 miles.

It's just a pity I didn't get any training in.
So this will be either a massive work out or a total disaster.
Wish me luck (and if you haven't sponsored me yet click the link in the side bar --->

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

deeply honoured!

tomorrow I am taking our brand new library van to meet the city councillors with the possibility of a 'photo opportunity'
I will be parked in the public square in front of the civic building while the worthy city fathers and mothers view their latest acquisition.
Once they have viewed the van I will set off to take it to Nottingham where it will have it's lovely colourful livery put on. I'm looking forward to reviving the ToadSmiles campaign.

I have pondered over why the council want to see the van before it is identifiable as a Leeds Library Van rather than meeting the van after the livery is applied.