Friday, 23 July 2010

secret lives

There are times when on a bus journey when I don't feel like reading and lack the inspiration to write. At these times I tend to observe my fellow passengers (some more than others) and imagine their lives. Following this train of thought does sometimes give me ideas for writing and it passes the time.
Recently I have discovered a new tool to aid me in my amusement\research - bluetooth!
All I have to do is go to the bluetooth on my phone and scan for new contacts and in no time at all I have a list of bluetooth devices in range. I'm not so much interested in the ones that are just a device name and apart from looking around to try to put names to faces stuff like Sue or Sue's phone are of limited value. The ones I like are the nicknames because then i can really have fun trying to fit nicknames to people, could 'fuzzmop' be the woman over there with frizzy hair? Is 'beaky' the guy with a rather large nose? who's 'donkey'? and why?
Suddenly a whole world of secret life possibilities is available and i have some possibly wonderful situations and characterizations for future use.

Just one thing I'd really like to know, who IS 'spunk gobbler'?