Monday, 29 December 2008

time to reflect

As the year draws near it's close it is a good time to reflect upon the past year (and beyond) and to look forward to the future.
If mt life were a film it would be on the old cine reels, difficult to handle but full of colourful memories and beautiful, and sometimes disturbing, images.
I have a tendency to rewind often and to play certain scenes and chapters again and again and each time I do so I feel the emotions of that time but also I see new details, hear the dialogue with a slightly different emphasis or see a character with new clarity so that my future is created with greater understanding and strength.

At the Oscars (yes, I have ambition) the cast list would be to long to thank personally but I would have to thank the people who motivated me, inspired me and supported me and I do so here without the embarrassment ( to them or I) of names.

I experienced great change in 2008 and have altered my perspective but those who I have kept close in my heart have survived (sometimes changed).
As well as the friends I have kept I have also re-discovered old friends and made some new (I have 300 friends on Facebook now and I actually know some of them).

Thank you old friends and thank you too, new friends.

Saturday, 20 December 2008


tis the season to be jolly. Jolly busy and jolly knackered.
I'm struggling to be here, there and everywhere and I'm sure I'm not alone in that.
I remember thinking, beginning of December, hmmm, must start sorting out Christmas soon.
So now it's 20th December, I have yet to shop and the house needs a massive tidy.......

Anyway, what I really came to say is that I wish anyone who happens by here and even those who don't a happy, peaceful and relaxed Christmas. I have appreciated the friendship which has been given so freely and the love that flows so copiously and will attempt to blog more about my reflections on the past year soon (well, as soon as I get Christmas done lol)

Thursday, 11 December 2008

shrinking violets

A few years ago I was on holiday and decided to go for a session in the spa. It was continental night so all attire was left at the door. Sat in the sauna chatting with a middle aged woman (I never thought I'd be able to have a normal conversation with a woman while we were both naked lol). We were watching people jumping into the cold (and I do mean cold) plunge pool and, as is often the case it was a matter of honour for the guys to brave this.
My new friend chuckled and said
'Look at them brave lads they go in there so proud. What a pity they sneak out so sheepishly

a shocking revelation regarding topless girls

this may shock some of you and it may even cause some to start protesting, waving feminist flags, weeping, or tearing off their clothes.

After a long period of deep thought and observation it has been revealed that the reason women have a top to their swimming costume is...............

.........because they're not as strong as the male of the species and can't tolerate the cold.

If you disagree please don't attack me for this pronouncement as I am only reporting the conclusions reached by my youngest son following his school swimming lesson.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Resting teachers

Because of heavy snow youngest son had no school today because the staff couldn't get in.

Yougest commented that it was good for the teachers to have a rest because they never get a rest at school. He reckons they work through all the breaks and late into the night (has he been brainwashed) and told me that only last week he went into his classroom at break to get some fruit and found his teacher almost asleep over her work.

Monday, 1 December 2008

someone stop me!

This morning I have been on a training session on using the new nhs internet portal. It includes the usual self help and diagnostic tools which i foolishly played with.

I have depression (ok, I accept that)
I have a skin carcinoma (hope not)
I have a food allergy (oh no, not food please)

Luckily time ran out but please don't let me near that thing again.