Saturday, 23 February 2008

from Mucky to Booky (via Bookie)

OMG what a terrible title!

anyway just to let you know that today I said farewell to those lovely wheelie bins and from Monday I'm on the mobile library AND IT'S A PROPER JOB!
I will still be assisting the bookie at football games and hopefully I will have some more blackjack to deal but mainly I am a mobile librarian(and I'm scared stiff)

A feel like a stranger

I haven't been around much of late because my computer has decided to severely censor my blogging to the extent that it won't let me log on to blogger at all.
I have got round the problem by using an old computer we picked up for twenty pounds.It's not fancy but it works and I'm here!

rose in winter (55)

You appear
a lonely point
in a bleak scene
a focus for our vulnerability
and our hope.
The pale beauty of your frail flower
shines bravely in the darkness
dispelling winter's gloom.
Your scent brings peace
and if we nurture you
give you warmth,
nourish you
you will offer a gentle promise
of brighter days

Saturday, 16 February 2008

my 55. Nothing

In certain moments
when the world is resting
when a stillness holds sway,
the atmosphere inert.
Life and living
in perfect equilibrium,
a single, still moment
when silence surrounds
to maintain a void.
Empty head,
empty heart,
there is nothing to say,
or write.
Speak silently in simple tongue,
write wisdom with an empty pen.

Friday, 15 February 2008

take responsibility!

A terrible item in the news. A baby girl (less than 2 months old) was killed by her father who had systematically physically and sexually abused her. Over 30 professionals had seen the baby and some had flagged concerns about abuse\potential abuse but no-one had actually done anything.
An enquiry has determined that no-one is to blame for the oversight as it was an failure in the system.

What the hell do we pay doctors, nurses, social workers for, the system isn't to blame it's the people in that system. Why have people stopped taking responsibility?

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

I am not politically correct

there I've said it!

I do not treat all people equally. There are some beliefs I find totally not to my taste, there are some things men do better and others that women do better. I will be more ameanable to a smiling person and I will be even more amenable to a smiling lady and further more I don't think it's wrong for a woman to use all her assets to get what she wants.
No-one has an qautomatic right to my respect.

I could go on.... hehe

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Stop me!!

there is something bubbling up inside, I am getting powerful urges, I am on the verge of surrendering.

I feel an attack of acute honesty coming on, I'm trying to fight it but don't be surprised if I start saying stuff which sounds sincere

Sunday, 10 February 2008

The ugliest bin delivery man ever

there are only three of us delivering bins around the city and each morning we chat as we load up the waggons for the day.
Strangely the main topic is often women, either griping about partners or lusting after any woman who isn't your partner lol.
Something I've noticed though, I am the only bin delivery man who doesn't get propositioned every single day!

danger stranger

just the other day I was busy delivering my beloved wheelie bins when a young(perhaps 8) girl started watching. She asked me questions about what i was doing and told me which was her house. She asked if she could stand on the tail lift for a ride.
I asked why she wasn't at school and she said her school was closed but all her friends were at school.
She went on to tell me that her mum was at home but asleep in front of the tv and then asked if she could rid ewith me......

OMG! don't people teach their children about danger from strangers any more.

Your Help is always needed

I hope that you have all paid a visit to Winter Rose please keep supporting and promoting the site and the song, it really does make a difference!

Friday, 8 February 2008

an offal 55

(with thanks to Jesse for giving me the idea!)

I only saw you briefly as you appraised my sausage but I loved your rump and I've never seen a better presented breast or leaner leg.

So, if we meat again (and if you don't think I'm fowl or a complete ham) I will give you all my heart and perhaps we can liver little

Thursday, 7 February 2008

just a poem

I wandered lonely
no romance
seeking just one kiss, one dance
but I couldn't win a heart
so I decided I'd depart
and find true love
away from here
I'm packing up
with not a tear
I'm going to move to Mills and Boon
where men are men
and women swoon
where love is just a gasp away
the sex is hot
and no one's gay
The sun always shines
the people tanned
bills and traffic jams are banned
Handsome sheiks with many wives
and all of them with bedroom eyes
the nurses simper
their bosoms heaving
when they hear that Dr Love is leaving.
Ever man is rich and fit
with chiselled jaw and charming wit
perfect hair
and deep blue eyes
washboard stomach
muscled thighs.
Women's lib?
no need for that
no single parents
unsightly fat
every lady is complete
perfect figure head to feet.

I tried to move there
I really tried
but those oh so perfect folk inside
locked the gates and barred the doors
they couldn't cope with normal flaws.

Saturday, 2 February 2008

top referrer

January saw Chica-x as the top referrer to my blog. She has been added to the very slow list of people to award wonderful prizes to.

sweet love 55

Slowly, gently
he reached out
tenderly he touched, explored
soft skin yielding
each soft hair exciting his questing fingers
His lips part
his tongue already anticipating the frail, soft flesh within
imagining the taste of the sticky, sweet juice
As if from far away her voice intrudes
"are you actually going to buy that kiwi?"