Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Don't judge me

Everywhere I look, at work, around the area I live, on social media, I am constantly reminded not to judge others as to do so is discrimination and for a long time I've been uncomfortable with the whole concept.
I want to say here and now that I DO judge. I judge politics, i judge what people do, how they act and how they look. I believe that it's human nature and my guess is that most people are the same.
we are given 'judgement' for a reason we judge the safety of a situation, we judge the merits of a job, a relationship or a person. We use our life experience to calculate the likelihood of a person liking us, helping us, mugging us or stealing from us.Gosh, I even judge whether a person is attractive (imo), intelligent or overweight.
In employment the workforce has been dumbed down by not allowing managers to exercise the judgement they are paid to have. Most interviews I have attended in the last decade could've been conducted by a computer and I have lost count of the number of ways in which an applicant can 'learn' how to get a job (without necessarily having the skills required).
Yes, I fully understand that some sectors of society have been discriminated against (and still are) but to give someone a job because they tick the right race/gender/sexuality box is wrong and is a wonderful disincentive to learning.
By all means have laws to protect those who are discriminated against but don't let them get to the stage where they are abused and make fools of us all.
I am human, I am made up of negatives and positives, I expect to be judged and i would appreciate it if that judgement is honest and up front.