Monday, 25 August 2008

about my last flash 55

when I wrote the touch it seemed like i was in the room watching, wanting to stop what was happening.

That girl was a close female relative. She was in hospital having had a near fatal asthma attack and a group of people from the church decided to 'pray over her'
She relates that she was ubable to move or cry out but that she remembers their hands all over her.
These days there is a protocol in hospitals where-by this cannot happen without expressed permission from the patient or their next of kin.

Friday, 22 August 2008

the touch (55)

The girl gasped
her lungs fighting for oxygen.
Around her the group watched.
As one they reached out laying their hands on her struggling body.
Whimpering the girl lay rigid as they began to murmur and press their hands onto her.
The leader spoke
'and so we beseech thee, o lord, let her be healed.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

it's my trumpet and I'll blow it if I want to

ok, it's not a major deal but......

I'm having one of my poems published in an anthology.

I won't make anything from the deal but I welcome the affirmation that i wrote a poem that was judged good enough.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

running in the family

it's only a few months until the family do the great north run.
This year everyone has chosen which charity to support.
Jacqueline and I are running for SCOPE (cerebral palsy) as our nephew has the condition
Rebecca, Sophie and Jack are running for the British Heart Foundation (due to Jack's heart condition)
Lauren is running for Meningitis UK (as our nephew lost his baby daughter to this disease last Christmas)
Tom is running for Hearing dogs as he wants to support their amazing work.

There will be lots of competition for sponsors lol

another wholesale theft from my good friend KB

You Should Be A Poet

You craft words well, in creative and unexpected ways.

And you have a great talent for evoking beautiful imagery...

Or describing the most intense heartbreak ever.

You're already naturally a poet, even if you've never written a poem.

showing my age?

I've noticed of late that teenagers don't drink anymore. No, they get piised, off their faces, arseholed etc. It seems that the aim of drinking alcohol is to get so off your face that you simply can't remember what you've done.
Now don't misunderstand, i have been there and I've also pretended to not remember (hehe) but I also enjoy remembering some of the fun i've had and I wonder why there is such a need to wipe everything out (especially at 13 years of age)

Monday, 4 August 2008


I'm back, what do you mean ws I ever away?

Now for the awesome job of catching up.

Unlike some of my friends I cannot offer a sumptious feast of photography based on my holiday but that's only because IO no longer have a camera. Perhaps when the rest of the family get home I can steal a few snaps.

Even if you lot haven't missed me, I've missed you hehe