Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Training so far

oh poo, I really should start!
I would really appreciate so suggestions for my training regime.
About three weeks to go

Positive feedback

working for a local council I find that there is a great preoccupation with customer surveys and feedback but by the time it's all processed and made PC it is so dry and boring.
Yesterday was a quiet day but at one stop a young customer came to browse (and to stop me getting bored, she said). She wanted books on ferrets which I couldn't provide off the shelf so as she was leaving I apologised for being useless. Her response? Yeah but you're funny, friendly and great at giving away books.

Now that's the kind of feedback I like to hear

Thursday, 14 May 2009

What have I done!

I have always been a keen runner. I'm not a great runner but I can do it and I enjoy the challenge. So, when I needed to do some fund raising the solution was obvious......rowing ROWING!!!!!
Yes, I am taking part in a 10 mile row for charity (St Gemma's hospice provided support and care for those people in the final stages of terminal illness).
I am not an experienced rower and the event is one month from today so prepared to be bored by my training tedium.

Oh, and please click the link in my side bar and sponsor me if you are able.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009


Young Jack came to lie on our bed with us the other morning and told us that he is looking forward to being a grandad which is pretty advanced planning for an 8 year old.
Although he knows that he has Long QT syndrome he doesn't know yet that medical advice is for him not to have children.......

Friday, 1 May 2009

Birthdays and positive spin

Today we have two birthdays in da house. Lauren, my niece, is 16 and Jack, the youngest,is 8. There will be a select gathering this evening to mark the occasion.

One of Jack's presents is a power rangers chair and he is really pleased with it and commented that we were really lucky to get a Power Rangers Mystic Force chair because all the new ones are Power Rangers Jungle Fury


Whilst at the hospital yesterday I had to provide a blood sample. Let me make it clear that I believe anyone who says they like giving blood is missing several brain cells. I am also a coward.
Wife and I enter the room of doom and I am elected to go first. I admit to the phlebotomiser that i am none to keen on people stabbing me and she says she understands and would I like to lie down. I elect to sit so as not to be a complete wimp. The nice lady then says she has a 'magic spray' which will numb my arm and wold i like some. My wife (a phlebotomist herself) is sat across the room pulling faces and shaking her head vigorously so I vacillate my need for pain free procedure at war with the instructions from my great leader. The nurse decides to spray me and the procedure is soon done BUT I DID FEEL IT!

But hey, I got a sticker for being brave

Genetic counselling

Some people may remember me saying that my son Jack had been diagnosed with long Q-T syndrome.
Yesterday we went to see the geneticist to find out whether he had a 'Long Q-T' gene; he does.
The next stage was for Jacqueline and I to have repeat ECG and to give blood for genetic testing. Rebecca, our eldest daughter happened to be with us so she had an ECG too.
We sat in a room with the doctor as he gave us our results. Rebecca, you have a good trace, no problem there. Jacqueline, hmmmmmmmm, a little slow, you're in the grey area. Tim, this is where I worry you, you have a slower trace, this doesn't mean you have the condition but if I asked a group of heart specialists who had passed it to Jack you would be the favourite.
Our blood tests will be back in a few months. Two negative means it's just Jack, one\two positives mean tests for all our children and possible tests for our parents. I'll keep you posted.