Saturday, 23 April 2011

Precious precipitates

I was going to entitle this entry golden shower but I'm not one to tout undeserved hits..................

The last 24 hours have been a time of golden moments both large and small and for this I am indeed grateful.
Yesterday evening I attended my PTA meeting in a local hostelry (as the token male) and spent several pleasant hours in great company. We ended the night with an enforced redesign of the decor in the pub because we truly love Jimmy, the landlord, and want him to achieve dizzying heights of success.He even paid us in free drinks and chips.
Today I had my first proper sleep in for absolutely ages and when i did get up I found I had received an absolutely wonderful message on Helium complimenting one of my poems and asking permission to read it out at a festival, yay, international recognition at last!
It has been a lovely warm day today and I have managed to hang around the house and garden without getting bogged down with chores and stuff (well not too much) before going out for a meal this evening.

All little things but good and things that don't often come my way so I am grateful and chilled : )

Monday, 18 April 2011

a rather hopeless affliction

I have recently isolated and identified a highly viral and, thus far, incurable disease which has swept through my immediate family with devastating and far reaching results.

In common with most of the population the members of my family endure periods of intense misery and discomfort. These feelings invariably occur around the middle of the month, just before I get paid, and seem to indicate that they dislike having no money.

I was confident that we, as a family, could learn to cope with this bi-polar condition but sadly there has been a development. It appears that there is a second condition and that although it is low level it is a constant condition.
Most members of the family hate having (or at least hate me having) any money. Whenever money finds it's way into my pocket it has to be disposed of as quickly as possible.
I am continuing to study this condition in the hope that a cure or at least some relief can be found but would welcome advice and accounts of other experiences (but mainly donations)

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Burn the witch (or something like that)

There have been times when I've sailed pretty close to the edge regarding my behaviour both on and of the net and I've certainly always had a mischievous and sometimes flirtatious side so I fully expected that one day I would find myself in trouble. What i didn't expect was to find myself in trouble when I wasn't really that close to the line but this is what happened to me last weekend.
Those of you who frequent facebook will be aware of a new feature which allows anyone to post a question and multiple choice answers (you can also leave it open for people to suggest new answers). I decided to throw a few questions out and amongst these was 'Would you pose nude?' with various choices from no, never to yes, where do you want me? At it's heart it was a serious question and allowed people to say they would pose nude i the name of art, for love or for money. I also put out a question playing on an old comedy catchphrase, This question asked, Are you free? and went on to allow people to say yes, no or reasonably priced THIS IS CALLED A JOKE.

I sent my questions to a few friends at random including a small group of 'friends' and most of them answered and seemed to enter into the spirit then one of these friends received the questions (admittedly very soon after 'friending' me and, obviously without following the link, decided that I was asking her if she was free and also asking her to get naked for me. She posted a dire warning to her friends and I duly received nasty threats from  some guy who fancied himself a defender of the weak and helpless. Dutifully ignoring the misguided he-man I attempted to explain to the wronged lady and also apologised if my questions had given the wrong impression and another friend pitched in with a character reference but she had already unfriended me. Ok, end of unfortunate story I thought but no, most of her friends then proceeded to unfriend me too (including one who I have been friends with for a good few years) even though they had all answered my questions and knew that I wasn't perving after them. People are so strange!
On reflection what I find sad is that we live in a time where people are so ready to leap to the assumption that someone's motives are dishonourable and that there are people who are so very judgemental.
It's not the loss of approx six friends that bothers me although I will miss some of them it's more sadness at what they lose when they put on their blinkers and shoot from the hip.