Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Is this love?

every week and elderly couple come onto the mobile library. She reads avidly he never touches a book but every week he escorts her to the van, carrying her books and sees her safely aboard before announcing that he will pop over to the shop to see if the paper is in.
Every week she tells him to be careful and to watch the road. When he returns he sits quietlt with his paper while she chooses her books and chats and then he helps her down the steps and carries her books home for her.

Monday, 22 September 2008

It's been a long day

Today I have been taking bets at Tottenham Hotspur (London). This is one of the many little jobs i do in order to keep the family fed and watered.

The job was remarkably easy and the welcome was very warm. My abiding memory of the day however will be the journey down. It wa my first time (and hopefully last) of being passenger in a car doing 150mph in fog

Saturday, 20 September 2008

dashes in.......

just calling in to blogville to administer hugs (and the odd slap).

I am tired and I have an early start in the morning as I am working in London.

More later

Friday, 19 September 2008

Just one question

Saw an article in the paper which said that a motion to make Yorkshire day (1st August) a national (bank) holiday has passed the first milestone in Parliament as it has achieved 100 signatures.

Now I am a proud Yorkshireman but i have a counter proposal and that is that Halloween be made a holiday as it falls in a fairly empty time between summer and Christmas and represents many ancient beliefs of this small island (oh and it's my birthday hehe)

So, the only question is should Halloween be a national holiday? or should it be an international holiday?
Carefree days, playful,fun
lazy times 'neath summer sun
little thought, no future planned
hot days and nights go hand in hand

hand in hand through autumn trees
hiding from the chilling breeze
snuggled up with books and wine
preparing for a darker time

Through the darkness,
holding fast
seeking warmth
in bonds that last
remembering much brighter days
good friends both voice and spirits raise

But as we slip on icy verges
we see hope then spring emerges
washed and cleansed by gentle rain
the world is new, life starts again

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Toadee goes posh

along with my family i attended a charity ball lat saturday and had a great time. The ball was raising money for a number of charities and i was really proud of the fact that my family were involved with all 5 charities. My brother organised the whole thing and i was deeply touched when he annonced to all present that i had been his inspiration, strange really because i've always seen him as achieving many of the things I would have liked to achieve.

I also helped to raise money by helping with a fun casino.

why do I have 3 blogs when i can't even write one?

answers on a postcard please.

I have decided that my collection of blogs is a symptom of some deep psychological condition. Now to find out what it is lol.........

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

stressed and tired

that's me!

last night I spent about 4 hours with my brother in law who had come over to convert me to his belief that a number of alien hybrids are on earth posing as ordinary people. He is busy writing to the government and making plans and has enterd into a pact with bilibob (his pronounciation) to give him the power to control the world.
Last week a doctor, who was really an alien gave him a mind altering substance disguised as anti-biotics and managed to wipe his memory so that he would have no knowledge of the aliens or their plans. He counts himself lucky that the flashbacks from earlier LSD usage have given him back the memories.

He has suffered from psychotic type illness for several years but I think this is the worst he has been and I am worried that he may harm himself or someone of kin can ask for a psycharic assessment but his mum seems reluctant as he has said he woould kill himself rather that go into hospital.

Monday, 8 September 2008

work and play

Last night I was working at a wedding in Sheffield. I was dealing blackjack. It was a small wedding and a friendly crowd so I really enjoyed it.
One thing that made a big difference was the hospitality of the venue, immediately on arrival my colleague and i were offered refreshment and another drink later on. Some places you have to beg for a glass of water even though you are working for about 3 to four hours straight.

Thank you City Limits for a lovely welcome, I hope I get the chance to visit again!

Sunday, 7 September 2008

A pleasing gift

Sophie, my daughter, received a wonderful gift the other day from her friend roisin (who prefers to be called Tiffany apparently).
tiffany presented Sophie with a BEBO! yep, she designed and set up a BEBO account featuring pictures, videos and lovely comments. I think it was a very thoughtful gift and it definately proves that gifts don't have to cost the earth.

Monday, 1 September 2008

poem - half a world

So many wished for meetings
plans of what to say
if you weren't a distant dream
half a world away

A life so carfully scripted
where love has paved our way
except that you're a distant dream
half a world away

but when reaching hands fall short
soul song might hearts belay
and you'll be my forever dream
only half a world away.