Thursday, 13 January 2011

don't sit here

One of the blessings (and curses) of modern technology is the speed with which information travels. Occasionally I will see a status update or tweet from someone along the lines of 'fat smelly guy approaching, hope he doesn't sit next to me'
or 'weirdo sat next to me trying to talk to me, help!' These sort of messages are invariably from youngish females.
So now I wonder, when I get on a crowded bus, is she frantically texting that she hopes I don't sit near her?; is she dissing me to her friends?.

It's not only females who have these thoughts though, I know I do. There are certain people on my morning bus ride who I pray won't sit next to me (and one or two I hope will) Usually it's a decision made on size or odour, I'm not a massive person but the bus seats aren't over generous and I hate being squashed.
It's interesting to watch the body language though, how people shuffle either across a seat or squash into the side to make the vacancy either appealing or virtually non-existent. The old guy ,spread legs pose takes up loads of room even if the user looks like they have a serious hydrocele or ill fitting pants. Bags are great for taking space and once or twice I have either sat on someones bag or politely asked them to move it.

Friday, 7 January 2011

pulled up short

(and that isn't a reference to my impressive stature)

I had the undeniable pleasure of chatting with a old (as in long term) and dear friend today,the kind of friend who is on the same wavelength and who I could probably tell my deep, dark, dirty secrets to (if I had any).It made me stop and think and did several things to me
1. It made me incredibly happy
2. It made me incredibly guilty (for losing contact)
3. It made me happy to be alive
4. It inspired me (but to do what I'm not yet sure)

Real friends are forever and I'm blessed with the ones I have those I've met and those I've yet to meet.