Saturday, 31 May 2008

hidden heart 55

For safety and a quiet life
immune from things that hurt.
I hid my heart to keep it safe.
I locked it away so it couldn't be touched.
Steel doors, sealed tight
reinforced hinges, the most ingenious locks
gigantic bolts,iron chains.
All welded closed for eternity.
Trust you to squeeze through the open window

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

the world is conspiring against me

here I am in the library but..... they are having computer problems and can only log the computers on at a high filter level which won't allow facebook and deems all my favourite blogs as inappropriate. Considering a conversation I had recently with a dear friend regarding appropriate content I find it mildly amusing and very frustrating that her blog is classed as adult only by the local councils filter system.
Elsewhere in my life I have been busy dealing with broken down cars (2) nd blocked sewers (1) as well as ill children (3).

I am now able to get some limited access to blogging at home so if I can get the family to sleep I will try to catch up.

Love some of you and miss some of you and the unlucky ones qualify for both

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

here is a definition of frustration

normally on a wednesday I spend my lunchtime in the library on the internet but today my library van has broken down so I'm in the office. I have just discovered that the office computers don't allow gmail chat (or gmail at all!) so my plans to seek out affable company to wile away the hours (minutes) have come to nought. My apologies to those who would have received my attention, I will try to talk again soon x

Tuesday, 20 May 2008


since coming in from work I have asked various members of my family various (simple) questions but have not received any acknowledgement so, what to do with my new found power of invisibility?

I'm torn between going to take a peek at KB's bondage bra here or popping in to Morgy's shower room to she exactly how she manages that shaving lark here

Any suggestions for other places I could lurk?

Saturday, 17 May 2008

a different flash55

Stock report - Wall Street

The launch of PORN

Much excitement for traders.......movement swift..........swift growth in key areas..........dealers moving in and out regularly............pressure to develop the market........focus on highlighted areas although lip service to other areas of interest..........peak expected imminently........analysts expect sudden explosion of interest followed by withdrawal...........ends.

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

not good

we have recently discovered that our youngest son, Jack, has a heart condition called long QT syndrome which, especially when undiagnosed, can cause collapse and sudden death. I tried to blog about this the day we found out and it was the sort of piece you would expect from a parent who has just been told that their child could die at any moment. Luckily for you all the computer wouldn't let me publish the entry.
Having spoken to the consultant at length Jack has now been prescribed beta-blockers which will lessen the risk enormously. He will never be a pilot or an astronaut but he can get on with his life because the medication will stop him 'overdoing' things.

We are still very upset and frightened but Jack is leading the way in looking to the future, he is a star, everyone who meets him loves him and he has a great future.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

so the car is not going anywhere for now

when the car breaks down there is automatic panic. How will we cope?
Soon after the panic I begin to realise that; I'm getting more exercise, I'm saving money,becoming more creative about finding local entertainment, I'm actually worrying less and I don't have guilt trips about damaging the environment

please don't think me forward

I just want to give you guys a big, long hug

Thursday, 1 May 2008

busy busy busy

I'm still having to rely on library and relatives for internet access.
Have got two birthdays today, youngest son and niece (it's a bit weird with it being her first birthday since her dad died, so we are busy preparing the feast.
Bank Holiday weekend approaches and it looks like I'll be working every day. saturday is my regular job, Saturday night I'm doing fun casino, Sunday and Monday hopefully agency work for the council.
I was thinking I'd have a bit of money for once and then the car broke down yesterday. Typical lol

Will check in when I can.
Love some of you and tolerate the rest hehe