Friday, 28 December 2007

almost legless (or the crush)

Have just worked two long shifts. Today I was delivering clothes in Wales in the pouring rain. It's so tiring when you have to wrestle with the elements for control of your vehicle.

Yesterday I was in Northumbria, an area I've always liked. I started the day in a very painful way by trapping my foot in the hydraulic tail lift of the lorry so I've been limping for two days. I'm extremely lucky because those things exert a lot of pressure and I could have lost my foot.

When I said I wanted to get legless for Christmas I didn't really mean it literally!

Wednesday, 26 December 2007

So that was Christmas!

we didn't spend a great deal on presents this year but all the off spring were happy and the six year old even said that he had got everything he ever wanted in the world, I was a happy daddy!
a school friend of one of my daughters was quite rude about the amount we spend on presents but hey, our kids get love.

We intended to visit the cemetery this morning to place flowers on my brother in laws grave but we broke down on the way so it looks as though we will be spending more time at home (which isn't such a bad thing)

Monday, 24 December 2007

Season's greetings to all who visit here

I hope that you all find joy and peace in all that you do this Christmas.

One day we will have that mega party but until then I leave you sincere hugs and a selection of kisses from the chaste little pecks to the eternal snog, you all know what you are allowed so help yourself and what ever you do enjoy the season


A thought for Christmas

Just a thought from the church of the terminally bemused

Sunday, 23 December 2007

standard Christmas

it's shaping up to be a fairly normal christmas here in toadeeworld.

We have just attended our first family gathering, I came home with my daughters as they didn't want to stay and one has work in the morning. A moment ago I had a call from my partner saying that there were all sorts of arguments and fights going on and that she might want me to go and pick them up.

Yep, a standard Christmas hehe

Thursday, 20 December 2007

getting past the future Christmas present issue 2

I do however wish to say that I do not see gift giving as a good way to measure esteem and that am currently unable to buy or send gifts and cards to anyone. Had I the money I would celebrate the festive season by throwing a massive party and flying all my friends in so that we could toast our friendship, eat and drink far to much and do lots of hugging and stuff.

getting past the future Christmas present issue 1

Anyone who has followed my various ramblings or who has known me for a while will know that I am not a wealthy toad but I haven't yet got to the stage of putting a paypal donations button on my blog.

If you consider yourself to be my friend then I thank you and I value you because the gift of friendship is a gift that we cannot buy, steal or borrow.

When i have the odd spare £ and I see something that takes my fancy I will, perhaps, buy it and I will, perhaps, send it, randomly, to a friend.

steamy sex in my bathroom

this is not a subject i would wish to discuss on a semi public blog but it is a way of getting people to find me on google etc.
if you arrived here because you were searching for something special then thank you because it feels good to be special.

Sunday, 16 December 2007

gambling toads

did you really think that only lambs could gamble.

I have just got in from my second night in a row working in the fun casino. I have rarely had so much fun and been paid for it and I get to be at all the Christmas parties.

At the time of writing I have not actually got into any serious flirting with the guys but who knows as Christmas gets closer and the gamblers get drunker hehe.

My blackjack training is going well and I should have a moderately successful launch on new year's eve (if not before) a whole new world lies ahead.

weep oh sillies of the world

How sad to log in and find that the wonderful,nay, brilliant, nay, silly Morgetron has been cheated of a place in the 3rd round of the blog cup.

Has the world gone mad?

Thursday, 13 December 2007

Terry Pratchett

Terry Pratchett has announced that he has early stage Alzheimer's disease. He has told his readers not to be downhearted as he has time for a few more books.

I have always found his books witty and inventive and I think terms like 'breaking the mold' and 'outside the box' might have been coined exclusively for Terry.

With improvements in therapy for Alzheimer's I sincerely hope that there are more than a few books left in that wonderful brain.

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

a new direction

as some of you may know I ocassionally help a friend with running a 'fun' casino (no cash). This friend has now decided I need to further my career so she has got me practicing dealing blackjack and working on handling cards and chips in a professional manner.
I am booked to deal blackjack for 3 hours on new year's eve at a local 5 star hotel called Oulton Hall (I belive there are those amongst you who have experienced it's hospitality). So, no pressure there then lol

Monday, 10 December 2007

calling all fans of robotic women

Our very own Morgetron is in the second round of the blog cup and it's very close at the moment so if you care at all click here now and vote for Tres Bizarre

Thank you

Sunday, 9 December 2007

Picking up prostitutes

well not exactly!

Driving home from one of my jobs today I passed a working woman, this was unusual as it was only just dusk. It was pouring with rain and the poor thing looked cold and miserable, my heart went out to her.
For a brief moment I was tempted to stop just to let her sit in the car and get warm but I very much doubt that the policemen just around the corner would've believed that.

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

be naughty!

As the festive season looms large I would like to offer this space for all the people out there who have a secret crush (or a desire to secretly crush)

I am off loading mega amounts of mistletoe in this blog and you are invited to post a kiss ( a peck, a snog etc)for anyone you like. Anon replies are enabled ;)

I am a suburb

looking back over my recent blogs it appears that I have become a suburb of Tres Bizarre, I wish to make it clear that this is in no way connected with any offers of goats (including their flesh and\or by products).
I will make a conscious effort not to relate any more blog entries to that silly place.

Monday, 3 December 2007

The Emperor's new clothes

bear with me lol....

The Scotish tourist board have jusr spent £125,000 developing a new slogan to promote their beautiful country, the result?


yep, 125,000

I can just imagine the discussion after the boss sreams that one up

oh, sir, magnificent

yes sir, so 'back to basics'

so deliberately understated

such depths hidden by a deceptively simple statement.

OK for only £100,000 I will let them use my new slogan


Sunday, 2 December 2007

the top referrer for November

With a late leap of enthusiasm Morgetron extended her lead and brought home the bacon (and the goat)

Saturday, 1 December 2007

Support your local fembot

the wonderful and talented etc etc Morgetron is in the blog cup so go here now and support her. OK?

Yippee! I'm not spam

I'm back following 24 hours in the sin bin as suspected spam.

I looked at the blogger definition of spam and it talks about repeated posting of nonsense and hervesting stuff from other sites, now why did the spam robot think I was a spammer?