Tuesday, 25 November 2008

my wife's startling revelation

Today my wife and I went to the hospital to be wired up for our 24 hour ambulatory heart monitoring. when the technician was preparing to attatch the electrodes to my chest she shaved a small area (no doubt as a kindness when the time comes to remove the adhesive pad). I commented on this hair removal to my wife and she looked at me with genuine puzzlement and said 'oh, she didn't do that for me'

I know I'm not the most observant of people but how did I miss this lush growth on my wife's chest?

Friday, 21 November 2008

net sex

An older relative of mine who often needs to talk to people about moral issues due to his job wanted some information about attitudes to sex and so turned to his computer. There are no children in his household and he isn't very savvy about filters and safety on the net so he got up google and typed sex.
He tells me he was shocked and embarrassed by the results lol. I told him about making his searches safer so hopefully if he gets stuff like that again it will be because he wants to hehe. Obviously I will be putting the word on my labels for this post jus tso that I can get me some of those hits.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

I'm exposed

At the moment the library van is parked in a very open spot and it is extremely windy.There is a steep drop to my right. If I never blog again please look for me.


I was telling my manager that, at some stage in the near future, I would be having a 24hour heart recording as part of the investigation into possible genetic factors in my son's heart condition. The idea is that you are wired up to a portable device and get on with your normal activities. My manager suggested that whilst wearing the device I might be better not driving the library van as that wold be a cause of stress.
Two points: The doctor wants me to undergo the stresses that I have normally so that he can see how the heart copes and I don't find driving stressful. The fact is that I feel more stressed when I'm a passenger, this is probably because passengers have no control and not, I hasten to add, because of my colleague's driving.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

support your local traders

This morning I visited my favourite coffee shop, coffee shop 55, you won't have heard of it because it is unique and it is local but I swear it serves the best coffee and cakes you'll find.
Now I am going to buy lunch, I will buy my lunch in the local sandwich shop and I will walk past Subway to do so.
I don't like big chains, they are faceless and they destroy variety, if I want a bacon and egg sandwich then I want it to contain real bacon and fresh egg, if I go to Subway I will get processed rubbish.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a MsDonalds and when I'm in the city I will happily buy my coffee in Cafe Nero (best there is) but I dislike seeing these chains with all their publicity machine moving into small communities and turning them into souless malls.

rant over.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

children,drinking and integrity

Now I'm going to go all parental.
My youngest son takes a packed lunch to school and for the past two days I have given him a bottle of diluted juice (dandelion and burdock flavour). Yesterday the lunch supervisor wouldn't allow him to drink it because the rules say no pop (soda). It's not pop he tells her to which she replies that he is a liar.
This morning I label his drink to say that if there is a problem identifying the contents they should contact me rather than question his integrity.
I have just had a call from my wife telling me that the head teacher refused to let him have his drink today on the grounds that it is pop.
My wife can get very angry.............

am I a man of mystery?

just recently I was exchanging 'getting to know you' type imformation with a new friend on facebook (yep surprised me that there are real people there too). I also started following a new blog and the blogger furnished a great deal of imformation about herself.

So, it occurred to me that people put a lot of effort into putting together imformation and at the same time many people probably find it hard to ask about stuff (well I do anyway)

As a result of my convoluted thought processes I have decided to make one of my periodical offers to my reader, where ever that reader is.
Ask me anything and I will give you an honest answer (most likely here but possibly by some sort of private medium)

The heart of my family

Spent a couple of days last week visiting the hospital regarding Jack's (my youngest)heart problem. We have seem a genetacist and a sa result Partner and I will be having 24 hour heart recordings. We have already had ECG which showed that we both have a slightly lengthened QT gap (the doc said that mine might be due to me being an athlete lol).

I just keep thinking how weird it would be at 46 to be told that I have a heart condition which might wipe me out in my teens unless I begin treatment

Saturday, 15 November 2008

promises, promises

I've just had an e-mail offering me the chance to drop 2 dress sizes and I am determined to use the information there-in. I will shortly be contacting selected female friends to inquire as to the size of their dress so that I can arrange for it to be dropped.
It seems a bit mean that I can only drop 2 but maybe I'll get other chances.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

at last

received a parcel today containing the poetry anthology containing my poem.
I have decided that if every contributor buys a couple of copies then the publisher will have made money, it's not vanity publishing but almost lol.
At the end of the day I feel proud that I can see my work in print (even if no-one else does!)

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Celebrity status

have you noticed how easy it is to become a celebrity. Looking at the current crop it seems that if you do something particularly badly, exhibit gross stupidity or sleep with someone famous then you are a celebrity.

What a pity! there was a time when celebrities were people to admire because they did something well or had worked hard to gain something (sometimes against great difficulty).

seem to me that we might as well all be celebrities now so I'm just going to chose something and mess it up.

Hey perhaps I could be famous for writing terrible blogs

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

blogging. What's it all about?

some people have very strong, definite views about what they like and what constitutes a good blog. I've known people heap praise on a fellow blogger for having the funniest\most touching\most informative etc etc and I have not the least problem with that, those bloggers are funny, informative, sensitive etc.

For myself, I have a problem with maintaining interest and so I like a blog that can, at various times make me laugh, cry, think, act more responsibly.
I tend to see 'one string' blogs as a bit 2 dimensional, yes they do what they aim to do but I am looking to 'know' the blogger and I want a more textured view.