Wednesday, 29 April 2009

The legend that was Bob Dylan

I went to see Bob in concert last Friday and came away feeling rather sad.
Some artistes continue to perform well into old age and still entertain but not so Bob Dylan. My over-all memory of this concert will be of an old man with a towering reputation which he tried, without success, to maintain.I wondered at one point why he wasn't doing any of his mega hits and then realised he was but they were unrecognisable.

I wish he had retired gracefully.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

St George's day

Happy St George's day!

I'm sure the streets will be flooded with students dressed in red and white quaffing large volumes of ale and cider.

Budget fudget

Yesterday was budget day and amidst all the gloom and false promises a wonderful new concept was introduced. When a car owner scraps a car over 10 years old they will receive £2000 towards a new car, WOW!
I'm not very clever but I can see a few problems with this
1. It will not be difficult to 'con' the system

2. It helps the affluent who are in the market for a new car but not those who run old cars becaus ethey can't afford a new one

3. £2000 seems a lot but it is a small part of the list price of a large family car and certainly less than the immediate depreciation when a new car leaves the forecourt.

It will possibly mean that old bangers will be worth more!

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

What is that yellow thing in the sky

An ancient and wise woman tells me that it appeared once before when she was young and it is a portent of great happenings such as BBQ, ice-cream, cold beer and skimpy tops.
Tis a time when toad's get all hot and bothered

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

the sum of my life

over the years I have received lots of advice on how to cope with my negative thoughts and confusion about life the universe and everything. One such piece of advice was to look at the positive aspects of your life (and make a point of celebrating them and thinking about them often) and to look at the negative aspects and make a plan to deal with, accept or dump them.

Because I approach everything in such a scientific, unemotional way I just shortened it to

(experience+desires)/fears = life

but I may have misinterpreted the whole idea of summing up my life

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Global Rock Challenge

Last Friday my daughter took part in a local heat of the Global Rock Challenge. The schools put a lot of time and energy into producing some great performances.
On this occasion my daughter's school did a piece based on around the world in 80 days and portrayed the diversity of different cultures around the world, it was a great performance and the other schools voted it the best of the 9 entries.
Unfortunately the judges didn't agree and it wasn't even placed. I think they got confused about the date because someone should have shouted out April fool when they announced the result.
I am tremendously proud of the achievements of all my children and of course I'm biased but there really must have been a mistake somewhere. I think everyone was surprised at the winner as it was quite bland and lacked much in the way of performance,and creativity.