Thursday, 30 October 2008

shame on me!

because I'm idle and care not for the rights of my fellow humankind I have decided to do a small experiment (just for my own amusement) .

I have started to add everyone who facebook suggests as a friend to my 'friends' I am going to see how long it is before it suggests someone I know.

Of course those who are already my friends here, there or anywhere (yep, both of you!) are unaffected by this idle stupidity and continue to be deeply loved, respected and smiled upon.

Monday, 20 October 2008

I like being a child

the last couple of poems I've written have been for children and a comment was made that I should treat poetry seriously and write on a deeper level.
It made me feel that I shouldn't put them on my poetry blog but then they ARE poetry, they are what I'm writing and enjoying and I LIKE BEING A CHILD

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

my scribbling

I have finally started putting some of my senseless cognitive\literary rambling on my musing toad blog. I say begun because I've only put two on there so far.
I have decided that i should just put everything on there and not try to decide if individual pieces are worthy.

Monday, 13 October 2008

wasting time?

Yesterday i needed to dash down to the supermarket for a few 'essential' bits, it was a busy day for both me and the supermarket and I for one was feeling particularly stressed. When I reached the 10 items or less check out there was a massive queue and stress levels were high.
Standing in the queue, watching people I realised that this was probably the first time many of us had stopped all day. Suddenly queueing was a positive experience, a time to take a breath, get thoughts in order and relax.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

An update on my Brother inLaw

I mentioned a while ago that my B-I-L was ill and was having quite delusional ideas.
Yesterday his doctor finally agreed to visit and returned soon after with a psychiatrist and two social workers so that they could section him under the mental health act. Because the doctor believed BIL to be threatening they also brought a number of police officers. BIL could not understand why they wanted to put him in hospital and surmised that they were unaware of his divinity, because they were insistent he did become aggressive and consequently 4 police officers attempted to restrain him. One officer was bitten but they got handcuffs on him and dragged him down the street (in his underwear) to a police van. we have now found that between the house and the hospital the police found it necessary to use CS gas spray on this frightened, very ill, handcuffed man.
my MIL is obviously very distressed and she and my partner are considering making a formal complaint.
We are relieved that he is now in hospital and can begin the treatment to stabilise his condition but we are also very angry that he had to become so ill before anyone could\would do anything.

Monday, 6 October 2008

getting used to the good life

Now that we have internet access on the library van I am feeling very spoilt but I have just realised that there will be few days when I can really take advantage. This is because we usually work in twos and I have just had a lucky run of being on my own lol.

My regular partner is brilliant but the problem is she is a webophile too so there will be handbags at dawn.

Sunday, 5 October 2008

employment for a surplus blog

Did I ever mention that I have three blogs and that I have difficulty throwing stuff away?

Well I have decided that I am going to start putting my poetry (forgive my pride in calling my scribblings that)onto my existing blog 'A musing Toad' there-by making use of a currently underused resource and collecting my jottings in one place.

Oh, except that I will keep some jottings hidden because they were never meant for public consumption.

Please be patient as i don't do anything fast these days.

On running a mile

As I mentioned in an earlier post my kids all did the junior great north run yesterday. I did the run with Jack because he has to have an adult with him. As we crossed the start he grinned up at me and said 'I've waited for this all my life'

Throughout the run he constantly reminded me that winning isn't important and that it's more important to raise money for charity. I was impressed by the fact that he smiled continually all the way around.

later I told him how proud i was of all my children and he told me that I should be proud of every child that took part not just my own because they had all done so well.

Friday, 3 October 2008

This time I'm in a support role

We are about to set off for newcastle where the kids are all doing the junior great north run for various charities.

Wish them luck!

see you all soon x

Thursday, 2 October 2008

how much excitement can one toadee endure

woohoo, today the old library van drove into the 21st century!
We are now officially live which means we can issue books in real time on the library service server and more importantly we are on the net so guess which toad will not be bored at work lol

I am on cloud 9

received a parcel from the wonderous Morgetron yesterday with fun stuff to amaze and amuse me.

Best of all it included a SIGNED photograph of the morgasmic one herself *sigh*