Monday, 21 April 2008

dreaming and hoping

took my daughter to the auditions for x factor 2008 yesterday in Manchester.
I see these mass auditions as a shortcut to dreams, thousands of people who believe in themselves and believe they could make it. I met people of ever age and race, those who sing for everyone and those who were taking a first big step,all brought together by a shared belief that dreams can come true.

I didn't enjoy the experience.We sat in the stands at Old Trafford for 8 hours, freezing cold, and watched the very occasional scream of delight but mainly all we heared were sobs and it was as though we could hear so many dreams shattering.

Anyone who auditions is taking a chance and they have to know that there will be rejection but I hope that all those people continue to believe and keep on singing because a world full of song, whether the judge thinks you are good enough or not, is a happier world.

No, my daughter didn't get through but she is lucky, she has a family and many friends who love to hear her sing and she is already planning next year.


KB said...

Awww, Manchester in the rain..what a nightmare.

Tell her to keep singing and dreamin and better luck next year.

Toadee said...

I'll tell her that, watch this space you might just be talking to the father of a star hehe