Wednesday, 28 May 2008

the world is conspiring against me

here I am in the library but..... they are having computer problems and can only log the computers on at a high filter level which won't allow facebook and deems all my favourite blogs as inappropriate. Considering a conversation I had recently with a dear friend regarding appropriate content I find it mildly amusing and very frustrating that her blog is classed as adult only by the local councils filter system.
Elsewhere in my life I have been busy dealing with broken down cars (2) nd blocked sewers (1) as well as ill children (3).

I am now able to get some limited access to blogging at home so if I can get the family to sleep I will try to catch up.

Love some of you and miss some of you and the unlucky ones qualify for both


Anonymous said...

Tag! :D

You don't have to do it, obviously but I thought it might be a bit of fun:

Toadee said...

will try to get this done

J Morgetron said...

Is mine filtered?

~ just curious ~

Toadee said...

oh yes Morgy, you are so filtered hehe.

But to be fair you do have naughty words on your blog.