Wednesday, 13 August 2008

running in the family

it's only a few months until the family do the great north run.
This year everyone has chosen which charity to support.
Jacqueline and I are running for SCOPE (cerebral palsy) as our nephew has the condition
Rebecca, Sophie and Jack are running for the British Heart Foundation (due to Jack's heart condition)
Lauren is running for Meningitis UK (as our nephew lost his baby daughter to this disease last Christmas)
Tom is running for Hearing dogs as he wants to support their amazing work.

There will be lots of competition for sponsors lol


KB said...

I'm still waiting for my prize from the last time I sponsored you, hehe!

Good luck!

Missy said...

Great causes to support Tim! I want to enter a walk for cancer this year or do something else charitable.

I will be wooting for y'all.

Toadee said...

Hey karen.
The bad news: that sort of prize has to be collected in person

The good news: there's no expiry date.

there are so many deserving charities and we try to support as many as possible, I'll be right behind you Missy, good luck!