Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Global Rock Challenge

Last Friday my daughter took part in a local heat of the Global Rock Challenge. The schools put a lot of time and energy into producing some great performances.
On this occasion my daughter's school did a piece based on around the world in 80 days and portrayed the diversity of different cultures around the world, it was a great performance and the other schools voted it the best of the 9 entries.
Unfortunately the judges didn't agree and it wasn't even placed. I think they got confused about the date because someone should have shouted out April fool when they announced the result.
I am tremendously proud of the achievements of all my children and of course I'm biased but there really must have been a mistake somewhere. I think everyone was surprised at the winner as it was quite bland and lacked much in the way of performance,and creativity.


Anonymous said...

maybe the insomniac judges gratefully voted for the entries that made them sleepiest

KB said...

How bizarre. Sounds like they put much effort into the project. What a shame it wasn't rewarded.

Toadee said...

I guess the important thing is that the performers know they had loads of support and that so many people appreciated their efforts