Friday, 1 May 2009


Whilst at the hospital yesterday I had to provide a blood sample. Let me make it clear that I believe anyone who says they like giving blood is missing several brain cells. I am also a coward.
Wife and I enter the room of doom and I am elected to go first. I admit to the phlebotomiser that i am none to keen on people stabbing me and she says she understands and would I like to lie down. I elect to sit so as not to be a complete wimp. The nice lady then says she has a 'magic spray' which will numb my arm and wold i like some. My wife (a phlebotomist herself) is sat across the room pulling faces and shaking her head vigorously so I vacillate my need for pain free procedure at war with the instructions from my great leader. The nurse decides to spray me and the procedure is soon done BUT I DID FEEL IT!

But hey, I got a sticker for being brave


KB said...

I love seeing the blood coming out of my arm :)

Toadee said...