Sunday, 10 February 2008

danger stranger

just the other day I was busy delivering my beloved wheelie bins when a young(perhaps 8) girl started watching. She asked me questions about what i was doing and told me which was her house. She asked if she could stand on the tail lift for a ride.
I asked why she wasn't at school and she said her school was closed but all her friends were at school.
She went on to tell me that her mum was at home but asleep in front of the tv and then asked if she could rid ewith me......

OMG! don't people teach their children about danger from strangers any more.


JesseTheCat said...

yes,I agree..the people must look after their children..when bad things happen,they cant figureout why...but a little sense can go a long way!!

Toadee said...

You see these parents on the news wondering how they lost their child