Monday, 21 July 2008

Scary thought

As we reach that point that every parent loves (the beginning of the long summer break) I can't help but be grateful that my children receive a good education and that they have all achieved so much over the last, difficult, year. Sometimes schools don't notice and report on the really important stuff so I have sent the reports back with a comment that i am proud that my children have retained their sense of humour and humanity throughout another long year.

Tom deserves special praise because at the leavers assembly prior to his leaving primary school he saw another boy crying and was the only one in the school to get up, go over and give the boy a hug.

Oh yeah, the scary bits

On a global level, how few children get the chance of education
On a personal level, September brings the prospect of 5 children and five different schools. So lots of parent evenings, meetings, letters, trips, uniforms etc lol


Rebicmel said...

I couldn't agree with you more about the sort of one on one help our children don't get from teachers now.

THis is my son's last year of schooling at home and he's going to hate me by time all is said and done because I am going to be giving him all the one on one love he needs to make it in the world.

Then I am kicking his butt to go and find a job lol......Sniff I am having a sentimental moment.

Thank goodness I have the best kid around and he loves me regardless.

KB said...

Treasuer every moment of the school years Toadee. Won't be long till you are missing those carpools, parent/teacher nights etc. They grow up too fast.


Mona said...

don't you just love to see them grow like that!.You must feel so proud of Tom!

all the best to you & your family :)

Toadee said...

yes I love the school years.
It's getting the kids to love them that's difficult hehe

KB said...

Aint that the truth!