Wednesday, 9 July 2008

they seek him here they seek him there

of late I have been a bit of a blogging pimpernel, a literary zorro. zipping in when not expected, laving in flash (although not with a flash which would be bit naughty).

I would love to Say that my erratic behaviour is due to deeds of daring do or matters of mystery and import, perhaps saving maidens or righting great wrongs.

Alas I have been here little because the mundanities of life have bested me.

I have, however, missed my blogging brethren greatly and I do feel in need of the love and the hugs I always find here.

I intend to resume my late night coffee drinking in order to be around in tune with the other side of the world.

love you peeps


1 comment:

Rebicmel said...

Tim *hugs* from across the pond boyo. I know you're really the caped crusader out saving the world. Why I think I saw you fly past the other night lol.!!!!!!!!!! Hope all is well with you. Take care. Kiddo