Wednesday, 10 September 2008

stressed and tired

that's me!

last night I spent about 4 hours with my brother in law who had come over to convert me to his belief that a number of alien hybrids are on earth posing as ordinary people. He is busy writing to the government and making plans and has enterd into a pact with bilibob (his pronounciation) to give him the power to control the world.
Last week a doctor, who was really an alien gave him a mind altering substance disguised as anti-biotics and managed to wipe his memory so that he would have no knowledge of the aliens or their plans. He counts himself lucky that the flashbacks from earlier LSD usage have given him back the memories.

He has suffered from psychotic type illness for several years but I think this is the worst he has been and I am worried that he may harm himself or someone of kin can ask for a psycharic assessment but his mum seems reluctant as he has said he woould kill himself rather that go into hospital.

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KB said...

Hugs to you. I have a lot to say about this entry but maybe it's best if I talk to you one on one. Will be on for a chat soon. Take care hun xxxx