Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Is this love?

every week and elderly couple come onto the mobile library. She reads avidly he never touches a book but every week he escorts her to the van, carrying her books and sees her safely aboard before announcing that he will pop over to the shop to see if the paper is in.
Every week she tells him to be careful and to watch the road. When he returns he sits quietlt with his paper while she chooses her books and chats and then he helps her down the steps and carries her books home for her.


Missy said...

This is love. The love that is something to be in awe about lol. I loved this post Tim, well I enjoy all of yours but this one I particularly liked.

It's awesome you notice these things, I am sure you'll be this sort of man too.

selfconfessedfailure said...

It always makes me feel all warm inside when you see people who are that deeply in love.

On my hols recently an elderly couple were staying at our hotel. The lady had clearly had some sort of fall or injury as she was walking with a stick.

At every meal, he would walk her to their table with a hand on her back. He would then walk her to the buffet, put the food she chose on her plate, walk her back to the table, make sure she was comfortable, order drinks and then return to get his dinner.

It was beautiful and gave me so much hope.

Your post has also made me feel much less wierd for the constant people-watching I do!!!

Toadee said...

I think if people are soulmates the love just shows through.

People watching is always a great inspiration (great to see you btw SCF)

KB said...

That's adorable. I love seeing ppl interact this's like they are in a world of their own but in a good way.

Toadee said...

those private worlds have a lot going for them KB