Thursday, 11 December 2008

a shocking revelation regarding topless girls

this may shock some of you and it may even cause some to start protesting, waving feminist flags, weeping, or tearing off their clothes.

After a long period of deep thought and observation it has been revealed that the reason women have a top to their swimming costume is...............

.........because they're not as strong as the male of the species and can't tolerate the cold.

If you disagree please don't attack me for this pronouncement as I am only reporting the conclusions reached by my youngest son following his school swimming lesson.


Missy said...

Tim, it isn't so much we can't tolerate the cold, as it's more obvious we're cold :)

Then again boys tend to be looking up while girls tend to look down so this matter of coldness could be refuted on so many levels :)

It's quit obivous when a boy is cold too HWLLLLLLLLLLL

Toadee said...

So true Missy and you'vr reminded me of something so Off I go a blogging lol