Monday, 29 December 2008

time to reflect

As the year draws near it's close it is a good time to reflect upon the past year (and beyond) and to look forward to the future.
If mt life were a film it would be on the old cine reels, difficult to handle but full of colourful memories and beautiful, and sometimes disturbing, images.
I have a tendency to rewind often and to play certain scenes and chapters again and again and each time I do so I feel the emotions of that time but also I see new details, hear the dialogue with a slightly different emphasis or see a character with new clarity so that my future is created with greater understanding and strength.

At the Oscars (yes, I have ambition) the cast list would be to long to thank personally but I would have to thank the people who motivated me, inspired me and supported me and I do so here without the embarrassment ( to them or I) of names.

I experienced great change in 2008 and have altered my perspective but those who I have kept close in my heart have survived (sometimes changed).
As well as the friends I have kept I have also re-discovered old friends and made some new (I have 300 friends on Facebook now and I actually know some of them).

Thank you old friends and thank you too, new friends.


KB said...

I want to be named! *giggles*

Hope you had a Merry Christmas sweetie. See you in the New Year :)

Toadee said...

who could resist that giggle

I happily name you without shame as fore-most of my world of friends.

Have a Krazy new year hun, I look forward to another year of enjoying your blondness