Monday, 13 July 2009

Mmmmmmm, that felt nice

I attended a party with my partner last Saturday. The party was to celebrate the 40th birthday of an old friend of her's and his wife. Most of the people there new each other and I had been sort of dreading the event and being 'out on a limb'.
Those who know me will know that , beneath the bluster, I am a shy, socially inadequate person, some people think I'm rude but I'm just not good in social situations.
I'm here to say that I really enjoyed the party, yes there were moments when I was a lost soul but Jacqueline's friends were so nice to me and they made me feel really at ease.
Thank you guys, you probably don't realise how much good you did.

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JesseTheCat said...

My gosh,and all along I thought you were the very life and soul of ANY party!!!! had me fooled ;) Seriously, its sometimes good to get out and about.I myself havent socialized in 9 years,lol, which is precisely how old my daughter is.I stopped socializing when she was born.I devoted my time to her care.But still,one wishes to have fun occasionally...I'm glad You did,Tim !! :)

Happy day