Thursday, 23 July 2009

A transport of delight

I would like to thank my local bus company ARRIVA (Yorkshire) for their foresight and consideration, it's not often a large, public service company is able to see 'outside the box'
ARRIVA have done me the great service of cutting the number of buses from the nearest major town to my home from 3 services to 1 service. This has also meant a reduction in the frequency of buses.
So, why am I thanking them?
When I finish work I now have a choice of positive, life enhancing options. I can wait 55 minutes for the next bus which means I have 55 minutes of time with which to play. I could read (provided the wind and rain don't destroy my book) or I could write more poetry (possibly around the theme of standing alone at a bus stop getting cold). I could even meditate and achieve a much enhanced karmic level.
If I don't wish to take the 55 minutes option i can wait a mere 25 minutes and catch a bus which goes in my general direction. Taking this option will enable me to walk a couple of miles and enhance my general and cardio-vascular fitness.


Missy said...

Tim your positive approach to this otherwise dismal situation is very heroic!! :)

Ah such is the life of economics. Be sure to carry an umbrella for extra measure and when winter comes wear extra clothing so you stay nice and warm lol.

Sorry mate, couldn't help a bit of humour here. My little town has no transport.

Toadee said...

'My little town has no transport.'

doesn't that just prove that we should be grateful for what we have :-)

KB said...

Every though of buying a bike? Better yet, a canoe would be more appropriate for your neck of the woods.