Wednesday, 2 June 2010

nothing really

I suppose we all go through phases when we aren't writing much and the idea fairy takes a break....
Anyway i decided to just sir down and type so goodness only knows what will emerge. It's been am up and down few weeks. As usual I'm spending far to much time on facebook. I've made a few new friends on there and having road tested them I have a fairly good idea which will work out and which won't. Friendship is always a bit of a risk, especially in the early days when you are sort of feeling your way but you do get a feel for who people are whilst swapping silly comments and poking.
I am constantly thinking about a very special friend who I know has had a tough time of late, I never stop thinking about her, usually I keep a positive spin on things but now and again the old negativity creeps in, that happened last night, I really plummeted and really suddenly but luckily my most stalwart friend happened to be on line and a simple hug arrested my fall (who would believe that several sets of brackets could do so much - perhaps there's a story or poem in that 'saved by parenthesis')

Hospital in the morning, would you believe this will be the first time I've seen the cardiologist on my own, not through my choice! At least I'll be able to talk about my issues without being contradicted or rubbished.

I'm loving my job at the moment, perhaps because I am working alone and being allowed to make decisions. Got some really nice compliments from customers today and asked one customer the question we've been dying to know for ages- what sort of doctor are you? she's a forensic psychologist, a real live cracker?

On the writing front there isn't much happening but I'm pleased to note that my Helium earnings are now at $32


Discoverylover said...


How was the cardiologist?

KB said...

Nothing like a good ramble to let things out (((((((((((((Tim)))))))).
Jealous re Helium earnings, I'm on about $16 at mo.
Hope you're feeling better x