Saturday, 29 May 2010

Got your C card?

I've known about the C card scheme in my town for a while, I'm not sure whether it's local or national though.
The C card is a plastic card given to teenagers under 16 so that they can get free condoms without any questions being asked.
Last night my son came home from youth club with his C card and his supply of condoms HE IS 12 YEARS OLD.
My son knows about sex and about safe sex and he is bound to be interested but I advise him to wait a while yet, the local council knows better and are happy to provide 6 condoms a week to him.

I don't know why our country is having problems with under age sex

Condoms are available at the central library in my town so it was strange when a librarian complained about young boys harassing girls by making lewd suggestions and throwing condoms at them. 'Who the hell gives them condoms' she exclaimed. errr, we do

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Missy said...

To me that is saying go ahead have sex doesn't matter your age....go have some fun, but be safe grrrrrrrrrr