Monday, 18 April 2011

a rather hopeless affliction

I have recently isolated and identified a highly viral and, thus far, incurable disease which has swept through my immediate family with devastating and far reaching results.

In common with most of the population the members of my family endure periods of intense misery and discomfort. These feelings invariably occur around the middle of the month, just before I get paid, and seem to indicate that they dislike having no money.

I was confident that we, as a family, could learn to cope with this bi-polar condition but sadly there has been a development. It appears that there is a second condition and that although it is low level it is a constant condition.
Most members of the family hate having (or at least hate me having) any money. Whenever money finds it's way into my pocket it has to be disposed of as quickly as possible.
I am continuing to study this condition in the hope that a cure or at least some relief can be found but would welcome advice and accounts of other experiences (but mainly donations)


Anonymous said...

Illusions can be created by practise, the empty pocket trick is one backed up with the rainy day money safely hidden in the hidden pocket.

karen said...

Whoever said money can't buy happinness doesn't know where to go shopping!
I agree with Anon; you must hide some of it. Good luck.