Saturday, 23 April 2011

Precious precipitates

I was going to entitle this entry golden shower but I'm not one to tout undeserved hits..................

The last 24 hours have been a time of golden moments both large and small and for this I am indeed grateful.
Yesterday evening I attended my PTA meeting in a local hostelry (as the token male) and spent several pleasant hours in great company. We ended the night with an enforced redesign of the decor in the pub because we truly love Jimmy, the landlord, and want him to achieve dizzying heights of success.He even paid us in free drinks and chips.
Today I had my first proper sleep in for absolutely ages and when i did get up I found I had received an absolutely wonderful message on Helium complimenting one of my poems and asking permission to read it out at a festival, yay, international recognition at last!
It has been a lovely warm day today and I have managed to hang around the house and garden without getting bogged down with chores and stuff (well not too much) before going out for a meal this evening.

All little things but good and things that don't often come my way so I am grateful and chilled : )

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KB said...

You deserve all the happiness you can find. I'm so glad you left out the golden shower title :)