Monday, 30 June 2008

consulting the all seeing librarian

Mrs X came onto the library van today. She returned her book, a self help book on stopping smoking but judging by the aroma preceding her it isn't very effective.

'have you got any good books?' she asked
'what sort of thing do you like'
'good books'
'do you like stories or non fiction'
'stories-good ones'
'errr, thrillers, romance, historical....?'
'well have you got any good books?'
'oh, I'll take this one'
with that she picked up a guide to kitchen gardening and took it off to her gardenless terraced house.


KB said...

I hope she didn't intend to smoke the book

Rebicmel said...

Tim is this your 55? I like the mystery of this piece !!!!

J Morgetron said...

You should have handed her a copy of War and Peace.

Toadee said...

KB, it wouldn't surprise me!

Missy, darn! I didn't think to use it as that!

Morgy, is that a book? lol

J Morgetron said...

You're a butthead.

Love yah anyway...