Monday, 9 June 2008

slowly getting there

Having been beset by computer problems for ages (many due to my ignorance) I now have two working computers (one even has sound hehe) and I can manage some short blogs)so here I am


Rebicmel said...

HI TIM!!!!!!!!!!! hope you are well, it's been ages!!

I was watching How clean is your house the other day on the telly and they were in Leeds lol.

I don't have but my Poetic blog now

I hope you are well kiddo, what have you been up to besides dealing with computer problems.


Toadee said...

Hey Missy, it certainly has been too long.

I'm ok although life being life it's up and down.

hope you are well x

Toadee said...

oh and there are no clean houses in Leeds

KB said...

Yay, you've been missed x