Friday, 20 March 2009

Fame at last (pt 1)

I blogged about the fact that I was going to have the chance to read some of my poetry in public a while ago but forgot to say that it happened, it was a great experience and I think people liked what I read.
The members of my writing group read a selection of our writing at The Red Shed in Wakefield (there is a web site but I can't find it at the moment)I decided to read a serious poem and a more humorous one and it seemed that the audience were into humour.
This is the first time I've read my stuff in public but now I know it won't be the last. The Red Shed have an open mike session and I'm going along in a few weeks.......


KB said...

Am proud of you hun. Which poems did you read?

Toadee said...

I read one about Mills and Boon to celebrate their centenary

and one about the end of a relationship

it was a great night complete with good company, good booze and good music. I'm definately going again!