Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Nation days

As some people may have noticed yesterday was St Patrick's day and it seemed that half of England suddenly realised they were Irish!

Got me thinking about recent discussion about St George's day parades being curtailed as they are racist (what piffle).

It seems to me that the root of the St George's day issue is that English people have no pride in their nation, if the English actually celebrated their patron's day the way the Irish do (ok it's an excuse to drink )then no council in the country would dare to ban it.

I didn't celebrate St Patrick's day mainly because I've never needed an excuse to drink and I'm not over keen on Guiness


KB said...

I had a bottle of red. Most unlike me.

Toadee said...

I am deeply shocked Karen.

What is the national drink of NZ btw?

KB said...

I don't think we have one. Should nominate red wine.

Toadee said...

as long as you're in residence I'm sure that red wine consumumption is a major contributor to the NZ economy