Tuesday, 24 March 2009

speaking as a semi-retired stalker........

have you seen the new google street level thingy? How scary is that?

I have one friend who found her daughter walking to school, which is great, except that anyone else could watch her daughter too.
Yes, some people have complained because they have been caught out doing stuff they would rather keep quiet but the real problem is, if I were to find yor address (which isn't that difficult) I could be virtually be looking through your window very soon.
I say get this application outlawed NOW.


KB said...

Yikes, that sounds scary. How does it work?

Toadee said...

It is still being trialed (I think) but most of Leeds is on it.
If you go to google maps you will see a little man in top left, in areas where street level is available you can move the man over a street and get a street level picture, you can then move up and down and rotate 360.
The pictures are not 'live' but could be nastly if they caught you up to no good.
My library base is LS10 1HB for example