Friday, 23 April 2010

At death's door

I quite like having my head in the clouds and dreaming dreams but I was brought down to earth with a crash today when I received a reasonably long discourse on just how near death I might be. This was not a medical opinion as such just an interpretation of my heart condition. I know people die from it, I know it's 'other name' is sudden death syndrome, I know there are no guarantees OK.
I just rather not be told about it quite so often because knowing doesn't make any difference.


Anonymous said...

So.. in the case that I won't be able to make any funeral in the far future.. like 30 YEARS! Let me just say this-- I've enjoyed our friendship, our laughs and our tears.. for real!! Who'd a thunk that a total random stranger could be such a great friend!! I'm sorry to say I've hardly memorized your kids' names.. (have yet to memorize my own kids' names!! :) LOL) But I know that they have an amazing Daddy!! Only wish is that we could chat over tea and scones for real someday!!
With load of love!!
PJ or Diz!!

Anonymous said...

btw, I'm def. not making light of the fact that the idea of death is such a great deal for you!! I think of it sometimes, then snap the heck out of it.. cause I hate crying .. and thinking of loosing me or my parents.. children.. or hubby just frankly! I wish I could take some of your ache regarding it!! xo

Missy said...

Tim unforeseen things befall us all. That's why we live each moment with as much joy as we can.

Just follow your docs rules as best you can.

If you'd like to get some laughs out of my own manic ponderings you can check out my new blog

Toadee said...

Thanks you two!
I don't want anyone thinking that I'm down about this because I'm not (well not for my self but I am about the children).My philosophy is that we all should 'live' until the moment we die and I'm enjoying my self!

My daughter, Sophie, who only found out she had this about a month ago intends to carry on as if she still doesn't know, people have said she is in denial but she isn't she's just someone who is enjoying her life.

Toadee said...

oh and Paige, we will!
thank you for the link Missy, I'll certainly look in :)