Wednesday, 21 April 2010

that darn cloud

seated firmly as I am in my own little world I have pretty much ignored the cloud of volcanic ash hovering high overhead. After all I'm not planning to travel, no holidays booked. However, my mum and dad were travelling, They were visiting a friend in Bavaria and were due to return yesterday. They phoned to say that they were delayed and expressed concern about not getting back on time but my feeling was that they are staying with a friend and they are both retired so why not enjoy their extended holiday.

Dad rang this morning to tell me that they have booked a flight for Friday night but it is to Edinburgh and they would have a long wait for a train home. Obviously, I offered to collect them and after mild rebuttals they agreed. I'm looking forward to my trip to Edinburgh and told them that I would have collected them from Bavaria :)
What they don't realise is that I meant it because I need an adventure.

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