Tuesday, 27 April 2010

I seriously need help with this

well, when I say seriously I mean 'it would be nice' to have some help but there is no doubt at all that I do need help, just not sure if it's with this or with other issues.
Be warned, what I am about to ask may (nay WILL) offend some people but that's because some people don't have a life and, as this is MY blog,quite frankly I don't give a damn (and I know my friends (who try very hard to understand my strangeness)will be able to sigh and say 'he's off on one again'

Hey look, I've written loads and I haven't said anything yet.

Right let's get down to it.

I have a mind to do some further study (hold the 'mind' comments until the end please) and I've checked out the local college with a view to some part time study.I wanted to avoid purely academic subjects and be a bit more 'hands on' and the course that caught my eye was being run by the school of beauty. Total body massage.
This course insists on a pre-acceptance interview as they apparently find it necessary to filter applications (god knows why).

A few brief facts about the course so that you can all help me out without flying blind.
* it is a 20 week course, 2 hours a week plus a 3 day residential

* numbers are limited to 12 people

* the nature of the course means that some nudity and body contact is necessary

* initial enquiries indicate that the average age of people doing this course is 22

* all applicants are female.

* The education authority has a 'no discrimination' rule

So, this is why I need help, firstly I haven't got a clue what they will ask me in interview, any ideas? and secondly, if you were writing me a reference what would you be saying?

I intend to put this blog entry on Google write and facebook as well as putting links on buzz and twitter so I should reach all four people I know ;)

a further point of information, this isn't serious
but just look at the tags I get to use


Discoverylover said...

Actually that's 5 people...

I think it's a good idea!

I imagine they'll ask things like why you want to do it (so you're not perving on all the young innocent girls ;p), ummm and probably some other stuff too :p

Discoverylover said...
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Missy said...

Drolling over the girls aside or naked body parts, I'd say ask yourself if this truly is the road you want to go down, then count the cost so to speak, like will you have time to devote to it, how will it play in your family time yadda yadda and if you seriously want to do it, then heck do it!!!

You'll always wonder if you could, if you don't try.