Friday, 4 January 2008

A challenge for you all

my job, over the past few days, has been servicing sanitary bins in offices and clubs. What a wonderful opportunity to explore the forbidden territory of the ladies toilets hehe.

I needed to service the facilities at a lap\pole club but when I arrived the only person there was one of the dancers, recently arrived from Latvia her grasp of English was fairly basic and she didn't have a clue what I wanted to do.

Here is your challenge: How would you convey, through word and gesture what your job was?

I might tell you how I did it if you are good!


marsha said...

That would be a hard one...does dragging her into the restroom and pointing help...or would that just seem creepy?

snowelf said...

LOL! I have NO idea. Now I HAVE to know, Toadee! :)


Toadee said...

I couldn't drag her into the rest room as I didn't know where it was!

Snow, I really don't think you want to know hehe

J Morgetron said...

I think I would use a series of grunts and crotch-grabbing gestures.

... But that's just me.



Toadee said...

the grunt was ok but when i grabbed her crotch she slapped me

some days i just can't get anything right *sigh*