Saturday, 26 January 2008

comment on my writing

I recently submitted a poem to a poetry site hoping that I would get some constructive feedback or (fingers crossed) win a prize.
Some time later I received an e mail rejecting the poem and I quote

'try to choose a recognised style'
'read some of our poets and look at how they use verse'

I was a little hurt but I know that poetry is a very individual thing.

I then submitted a second poem and today I received an e mail announcing that I had won an award! I felt so excited.

Opened the e mail and found that my 'win' entitles me to purchase an award pin, a plaque and a watch in recognition of my achievement.



smarmoofus said...

Oh how interesting... they are selective, and rejected your first submission, but then told you you could purchase your award for the second poem? I don't understand... are the legitimate or not?

At any rate, congratulations for their acceptance on the second poem! It seems that it is an achievement.

*moseys down to read your 55, which is what she really came for*

Chica said...

That's how they get ya! I was "scammed" once, into purchasing a book full of poems, that had one of my poems also published in it, the damn book was $50, but I was to excited to think about the price, the book really wasn't worth it, considering it looked like it cost 5 bucks to make. You don't need to be claimed a winner or loser in your poetry, you decide what you are, and go from there. :)

cathy said...

poetry is about espressing yourself, as is all art. Your opinion doesn't need to have a recognised form to be valid. If readers understand were you are coming from you have succeeded.

They sound like scammers to me.
I just post my poetry on my blog and my readers are the only critics I need.

KB said...

Well I think your writing is wonderful.Would you like me to slap them?

Toadee said...

thank you my friends, I too get most satisfaction from writing for my friends.

Slap away KB, if they had known you were a friend of mine they would have been veeeeeeeery afraid lol

KB said...

Indeed they would my friend.

J Morgetron said...

Toadee --

I hate those scams. They try to market to my students each year and every year at least one of them enters, and sure enough they want them to purchase the $50 anthology. Scam artists! Jackballs!

Maybe my next contest should be a poetry contest.


Toadee said...

last year I won $100 on the same site. It came in the form of a voucher to be used at their on line store. I still have it and I might buy a t shirt with my poem printed on it hehe

Magdalen Islands said...

I entered with a verse out of a song I wrote and it was accepted. Then came the hustle, for so much they would put my bio with my poem and for another so much I could buy a copy of the coffee table book. Somewhere out there, I imagine there is a book, sitting beautifully on someone's coffee table, with a little poem written by "unknown".