Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Get back!

My poor dog is very poorly, the vet thought it might be cancer but now they have found a myco-bacteria, I'm unclear what this means but we have to contact our doctor as it can be passed to humans and some myco-bacteria are classed as notifiable diseases (the most well know being tuberculosis)Once they have confirmation we will all have to be screened.
The poor dog (Bradley) is so weak he can hardly stand and it is likely that he won't survive the surgery and tests he has to have.

We have to tell people that there is a possibility of communicable disease in the house and babies, the elderly and people with poor immune systems should stay clear.


Rebicmel said...

Oh no, I hope all is well with yall, I know this is scary. I will keep y'all in my thoughts.

Toadee said...

Sadly Bradley died last night but he slipped away very peacefully.