Monday, 17 March 2008


was doing a rough count today and if i count up my friends lists on the sites I use I have around 200 friends. Great!

But then, some I haven't spoken to for several years, some won't speak to me, some I won't speak to, some I have never seen on line, some i only know their name (screen) and so it goes on......

On the bright side, of the 82 'friends' I have on book crossing I am still talking 1:1 with 2 which is a tribute to their patience, understanding and forbearance.

I guess i will have to do a bit of weeding and get used to looking less popular lol


Chica said...

Wow, my list was about that high, before I weeded away too. Some are just not worth the link love for it all.

KB said...

How spooky, I've just written a post about BC.

Toadee said...

It's so difficult to consign people to the bin even when they are people I KNOW I'll never talk to again.

Wow, KB it's so weird to realise we have the same passion.

J Morgetron said...

Are we still talking?

I haven't been here for so long and I'm sorry Toadster.

I haven't been anywhere for a while. I'm catching up tonight and I'll be back in the saddle completely soon.