Wednesday, 12 March 2008

thought for a moment I was a naughty toad

when I got into work on Monday the boss said that it appeared that i'd forgotten to lock the van up on Saturday and that someone had been on (although nothing was missing). I thought I'd blown it and messed up on the job until we discovered that other vans had been entered and all the locks were broken.
I've never been so grateful to a would-be thief!


KB said...

Phew, at least nothing was taken. How could anyone resist books though? hehe

Toadee said...

found out today that they stole the filler cap so it's likely they were about to sython off the diesel but ran out of time. We would have found out earlier but we only fill up once a week.

It just goes to show that these criminals are not literary types.

J Morgetron said...

You saved them the cost of a new lock.

That's why we leave our car doors unlocked. If you lock them, they break windows or handles. If you leave them open, they just get in, take whatever they want to take, and get out without the additional cost of a new window or handle.