Sunday, 30 March 2008


you know that feeling when you badly want to do something and you can't.

That's me with getting onto blogger at the moment.

I so want to write my tripe and respond to comments from my dear friends but the computer isn't playing. I am in the public library to write this but I am going to beat seven bells out of my home 'puter later lol.

love you all (but some more than others lol)


KB said...


J Morgetron said...

I'm sure that when you say "some more than others" you mean me.


PS: When I think of tripe, I think of tripe and hominy.

Pen Drive said...

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JesseTheCat said...

Hang in their,Toadee....hopefully you can sort out the whole pc thing.Gee,I can totally relate...been there,done that...have several ill fitting t-shits,lol.Holding thumbs that you sort things out...using the public library for your blogging sucks,you cant lounge around and eat any pizza there :)

Anonymous said...

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KB said...

Come back Toad we miss you

J Morgetron said...

Where's the Toad?

Toadee said...

Ok, just for the moment I'm allowed some access to bloggerland.

Yes, Tripe my dear blonde, as in calves stomach lining, as in cheap and of little value or small literary content (now I've confused myself, of course a Lancashire lass knows her tripe)

Morgy, I only know tripe and onions and I wouldn't touch the stuff anyway.

Thanks for your empathy Jesse

Toadee said...

oh and Morgy, of course I mean you but whether you are the 'more than' or the 'others' is for you to decide ;)