Tuesday, 4 March 2008

I'll take it as a compliment

last week I stopped at the petrol station after a stint helping the bookie, I was dressed in a suit and was in collar and tie. The cashier (who I know through the boy's school) commented on how smart i looked and then said that she had been about to blurt our something terrible. Being an inquisitive toad I asked her to be brave and blurt regardless. She said that she had very nearly asked me if I was working as an escort!
I told her that I considered that an enormous compliment as those who think I have the necessary attributes to be an escort are few and far between.


KB said...

Oh was it THE suit? Did you have cake too? *wink*

Toadee said...

It wasn't THE suit, it was a pale imitation. I don't use THE suit in public as I can no longer outrun the women who invariably chase me (or perhaps that was just the chocolate cake).

your *wink* is noted and has been enjoyed

Rebicmel said...

I bet you looked dashing Tim :)

Toadee said...

Hehe I'm always dashing somewhere Missy