Wednesday, 8 October 2008

An update on my Brother inLaw

I mentioned a while ago that my B-I-L was ill and was having quite delusional ideas.
Yesterday his doctor finally agreed to visit and returned soon after with a psychiatrist and two social workers so that they could section him under the mental health act. Because the doctor believed BIL to be threatening they also brought a number of police officers. BIL could not understand why they wanted to put him in hospital and surmised that they were unaware of his divinity, because they were insistent he did become aggressive and consequently 4 police officers attempted to restrain him. One officer was bitten but they got handcuffs on him and dragged him down the street (in his underwear) to a police van. we have now found that between the house and the hospital the police found it necessary to use CS gas spray on this frightened, very ill, handcuffed man.
my MIL is obviously very distressed and she and my partner are considering making a formal complaint.
We are relieved that he is now in hospital and can begin the treatment to stabilise his condition but we are also very angry that he had to become so ill before anyone could\would do anything.


Missy said...

Tim, I hate that it takes desperate acts to get the medical attention so many need as well. I feel for your brother in law, that was uncalled for , for them to spray him while handcuffed, my goodness they could have sedated him if anything!!!!!!!!!
(((hugs to you all)))

Toadee said...

thank you Missy. The latest is that he is heavily sedated (I think he needed that).
It now appears that most of the spray missed him and hit another police officer (poetic justice perhaps)

JesseTheCat said...

Its a tragic story,to treat a man who is ill and in need of understanding and compassion in such a vile way makes me so disgusted!I am sure your mil should make a formal complaint, but I am not too sure how effective that may be.Here in sa,many complaints come to nothing...but still if she does make one,she may see something good come out of it all.
Sending your family strength during this time :)

Toadee said...

thank you Jesse. I visited him yesterday, he is still very delusional but believes that the evil which pusues him cannot get into the hospital.
he has warned us that many people will die and there will be a strong alien presence on 14th October, he also believes that he may well die on that day so the ward staff are going to watch him carefully