Thursday, 30 October 2008

shame on me!

because I'm idle and care not for the rights of my fellow humankind I have decided to do a small experiment (just for my own amusement) .

I have started to add everyone who facebook suggests as a friend to my 'friends' I am going to see how long it is before it suggests someone I know.

Of course those who are already my friends here, there or anywhere (yep, both of you!) are unaffected by this idle stupidity and continue to be deeply loved, respected and smiled upon.


Missy said...

LOL, well I am not on facebook yet. When I get my own computer I will venture over. I shall remain a fan here though.

J Morgetron said...

Hmmmm. I always X those out. Now I like your idea. Hrmph. I should've consulted you prior to Xing.

Toadee said...

ok so it's more than two weeks so far and not one person I know (I have made a couple of lovely friends but they were chosen by me not facebook).

Interesting that very few of the 100+ I've added have messaged me to say who are you and those that have have done so to search for a link between us. Most people just accept my friend request.

Toadee said...

well some 300 friends later Facebook came up with the goods in the form of the manager of my daughter's football team. Strangely enough we had no friends in common on facebook so I don't know what inspired FB to suggest her (apart from 'you both live in Leeds')

J Morgetron said...

Oh the wonder that is FB.